Welcome to our Shooting Gallery help page.

We will show you how to change the number of coins/pulses required to credit a game, or adjust the number of shots for a game. If you have any additional questions not answered here, please contact us so we can help you. Please use the "Support" menu selection to contact us.

Version-3/ver3 GPU

Version 3 or v3
GPU W/Display.

Front of Display

Back of Display
showing thumbwheels
The version 3 or v3 GPU system is used in our newer shooting galleries. The adjustment for the number of coins or pulses for a credit, or the number of shots available during a game is adjusted on the back of the display itself. There are 2 thumbwheel groups on the back of the display. The single thumbwheel is used for setting the coins/pulses required for a credit. The 2 thumbwheels that are next to each other are for adjusting the available number of shots per game.


Version-2/ver2 GPU

Version 2 or v2
GPU by itself

Version 2 GPU
with cover removed

"A" Board where coins
and shots are adjusted.
The version 2 or v2 GPU system is used in previous shooting galleries. The adjustments for the coins/pulses to credit up a game and the number of shots per game is located on the "A" Board, which is inside the GPU (Gun Power Unit).


Version-1/ver1 GPU

Version 1 or v1
GPU by itself

Version 1 GPU
with cover removed

Version 1 or v1
GPU W/Sound Box
The version 1 or v1 GPU system is used in older shooting galleries from the 1970's. They are easily identified because they have no score display and no ticket dispensing as standard equipment, and may feature an external sound box. Because there were several versions made, please contact us for assistance in determining the proper method for your adjustments.